December’s Giggle Blog!

My Nan has false teeth, nothing unusual there’s especially as she is in her nineties.

Well unfortunately for the last few weeks she’s been having problems with them hurting her gums. The dentist has tried to work his magic on them, but it’s only ever a day or two before they start hurting again.

Deciding to have a break from them as she was at home she took them out and wrapped them in tissue as she always does…..Mitzy her dog has a thing for tissue, given half a chance he loves to eat them.

Well the other day he got the chance, when my Nan went back into the bedroom to retrieve her teeth not only were the teeth gone, the dog was wearing them!

I would have loved to have seen her face!! πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “December’s Giggle Blog!

  1. Brilliant! My husband once threw away my daughter’s brace which she had left wrapped in tissue on the bathroom window sill. As it was flushed down the loo we never saw it again.

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