It’ll Only Take Five Minutes……

We had fun and games the other day when my Mum came round, we decided to replace the shower rail that had broken.

It should have been straight forward ish job……

But somehow we managed to squeeze a tight fitting straight connector where a curved connector should have been and we merrily hack sawed the wrong metal rail!  When at last it was all done and dusted and we stood back to admire our handy work, we realised, we’d forgot to fit the fixing covers!

Thankfully it’s all up and running now including the shower curtain, and I have to say, despite all the hiccups I’m really rather proud of it. 😀

November’s NANOWRIMO seems to have crept up on me this year, have you taken part? I haven’t this time as I seem to be particularly busy this year. If any of you are taking part I just want to say a huge well done for taking part and good luck!

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