Yesterday was a bright and fabulous day, well it was for Izzy, for the last two weeks she’s had to wear a collar after coming home with one of her claws pulled out. 😦

Poor little sausage looked very sad and sorry for herself, especially when the vet put a plaster on her leg.

That changed to rather a smug look just under an hour after getting back  home when she brought the plaster to me  in the kitchen!

With the plaster off the vet advised me to put the surgical collar on…..let me tell you, when that collar was on, I felt like I’d really achieved something! 😀

So now she out and no longer planting herself on my pages or walking across my keyboard in protest I’ve had a good writing week, hows your week going?

One thought on “Freedom!!!!

  1. Ooh poor Izzy, that sounds so painful. Fancy her taking the plaster off when the vet had given her such a pretty one 🙂 As for putting a surgical collar on a cat – you have my sympathy! It’s only something I’ve ever had to do once and I hope never to have to do it again 🙂 x

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