Long Time No See….

Since Sunday night we’ve been having a bit of a game of hide and seek in the Busy teapot house hold.


Well, on Sunday night I found myself at a clairvoyant evening, it wasn’t at all what I had been expecting but quite exciting in a nerve-wracking sort of way, especially when the medium came to me!

According to the medium my brother had come through for me which was lovely. He told me that I should look in my eldest’s train set as there was a message in there for me, like a feather or something. He also said that I have a green book that holds a message for me on page thirty-nineย  paragraph two.

I have looked, but I do have a lot of books, some of them do have greenish covers but none hold a message really except one, maybe…, if I’m creative.

He did tell me my brother said to have a nice holiday, which was spot on as we’re off on our jollys on Monday. ๐Ÿ˜€

The thing that really set my hair on end was when he said that I shouldn’t get the green car that I was looking at! I still keep going back to that one as I have been looking at getting a green car.

Just incase you’re wondering, I have checked my eldest’s train set, I didn’t find a message or a feather but I did find a forgotten steam train that’s just like the one my brothers had when he was young.

All in all it was a fun evening and it provided tuns of story fodder. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s the strangest evening you’ve ever been to?

4 thoughts on “Long Time No See….

  1. That’s lovely, and I’m sure your brother made contact, even though people scoff at these things. My funniest was a ghost hunt. It took place in a derelict hat factory. At one point, when we were trying to make contact, I said. ‘hang on, I feel a draught.’ Then one of the builders, who came along, said. ‘well, all the windows are smashed, it’s November, so that’s perhaps why.’ I got the giggles after that and that reminds me, I need to write it into a story. Thanks for the jolt… and happy hols….

  2. I think things like that can be very reassuring. It sounds as if your brother is watching over you. I spoke to a clairvoyant at a psychic fayre once and she was scarily accurate.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday x

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