Chocolate Anyone?

I had a great day yesterday, I was so pleased with myself. I did the editing that I had wanted to do plus a bit of course work. With today free I planned to plant myself in my chair after getting the kids to school and have another fabulous day.

All I can say is, well, it didn’t quite work out like that.

This morning I decided to walk the scenic route home over the fields it was lovely, although I was careful to mind the cowpats that I had stepped in yesterday….whilst wearing sandals.

I even spotted my favorite springer spaniel out for a run. Lady really does embody the springer in springer spaniel, from right across the field she spotted me and bounded over to greet me. It wasn’t until we finished with the usual greeting that I realized Lady had obviously found a particularly appealing cowpat and had just liberally rubbed it all over me, still at least my sandals were fine!

With a full clothes change needed at home, the phone ringing constantly and Asda dropping shopping off, my carefully laid plans have been scrapped. The only plan I have now is cup of tea and a cadburys picnic bar, now that sounds like a plan. 😀

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