Go On Treat Yourself…..

Did you know it’s the Autumn equinox today? It’s one of the two days in the year when day is equal to the night. As it’s such a special day I think we should celebrate!

Whats to celebrate I can almost hear you say when from here onwards its going to get gradually colder and darker.

Well, as the equinox is all about balance it’s a great time to take stock on what you’ve achieved. I would usually as you know go on to say check that your still on target, add more goals on that you might want to achieve or take some off that are no longer relevent.

Instead how about congratulating yourself on everything that you’ve achieved already.

Forget about all the things you want to achieve. Just for today take a moment to be thankful for all the things you’ve already achieved and already got right down to all the lovely notebooks you have and the lovely walk you had earlier.

If you really can’t think of anything to be thankful for treat yourself to some chocolate and a nice cup of tea/glass of wine you can then be thankful and celebrate at the same time. 😀

One thought on “Go On Treat Yourself…..

  1. Great post Mrs Teapot, and Happy Equinox. I’m celebrating by cleaning my pots and pans cupboard out and throwing away unused items, leaving more space. And, baking cakes, so off to make a cup of tea to go with them.

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