Lesson Learnt

I’ve learnt a lesson this week.


Let me explain, in May this year I enrolled on second course, due to start in October this year. I was so excited about it it was ridiculous, well, last week it was canceled.

It was nobodies fault and completely unavoidable, but its taken me a while to find the right course teacher and with the course not due to be rescheduled anytime soon. I’m afraid I had a very busy teapot and cake was needed.

However in the course of a week I’ve found a new teacher, not only that but I’m chuffed to pieces with her, the course is even more in-depth and I’m convinced it will suit me much more. Not only that but my new teacher has over twenty years experience in the field!! 😀

The lesson, to see the opportunities in every obstacle, difficulty and hurdle that we face.

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