I’ll Have One Of Those…..

I’m starting to get that panicky feeling at the moment when it comes to my yearly goal as my eldest tells me its only ninety-nine days until christmas.

It sounds worse when you get down to saying three months or fourteen weeks, and now that my youngest is starting to compile her christmas list, well, you can see where my panicky feelings are coming from.

Although I’m panicking it’s not all bad, I actually think a bit of panicking kicks you into line and gives you a bit of get up and go. So if you needed a bit of a kick to get back into things after the summer holidays here it is, it’s fourteen weeks until G E Day (Goal End Day). Well there you have it, good luck 😉

On a different note we were at a fayre at the weekend and my youngest had made it her mission to get something soft and fluffy. After going round nearly all of the stalls and not having yet spotted that special little something my youngest suddenly said, “ooh Mummy can I have that owl.”

As we were already queuing at a stall selling all sorts I immediately began scanning for stuffed owls it took me a good few minutes to spot the live owl perched on the customers shoulder in front of us! Thankfully it wasn’t for sale.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a photo and she didn’t manage to leave with anything soft and fluffy, however she was rather pleased with her rhino. Not to mention the yummy cake from the cake stall. 😀

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