Never Too Late….


How’s the return back to school gone? In the A house it seems to have gone really well with my eldest joining the school council, I’m really please and proud of him, especially as it’s something that I never would have done.

One thing that has really blown my socks off in the last week and made me proud beyond belief is my Nan, she’s ninety-one years old with osteoporosis and all the other things that being ninety-one brings and she’s just started taking swimming lessons! 😀

How wonderful is that! That at ninety-one she hasn’t done what many half her age would do and say “it’s too late now,” or “I can’t start doing things like that.” Nope she’s taken the plunge and jumped in feet first, sorry couldn’t help the puns. 😉

So this September dive straight in and take steps to make whatever it is you’ve been dreaming about happen, it’s never too late.

I thought long and hard about the photo that would go with this post and as the chances of my Nan agreeing to pose in her costume and cap are nill with a big helping of ha don’t think so, Izzy offered to pose instead.


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