September’s Giggle Post :-D

Just as I was wondering about this months giggle post a family member who regularly reads the busy teapot suggested that I might like to share her story….:-D, well as it certainly made me giggle here it is.

Picture the scene;

It’s Sunday, church is in twenty minutes and it’s at least a twenty minute walk away. Mr R is finally locking the front door after what seems like a mammoth effort to get out and that’s when she realises.

She was wearing those pants, you know what she’s talking about. The big baggy ones that the elastic gone in, the ones you threaten to bin each and every time you put them on.

So with Mr R chuntering about having unlock the front door,” she quickly dashed up stairs, threw the offending pants in the bathroom bin, hastily applied a slick of lippy before dashing into the bedroom where she quickly re combed her hair to the sound of Mr R’s panicky tones.

After running up the road Mr and Mrs R finally make it into the church building only to find it’s not quite started yet because they’re running slighty late, taking this quick opportunity Mrs R nips to the loo…… only to realise she didn’t put any pants on!

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