Did You Know…

Did you know….

1. James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was born on 02nd February 1882 to John Stanislaus Joyce and Mary Jane “May” Murray.

2. James was the eldest of ten surviving children, two of James siblings died of typhoid.

3. James was first published in the Fortnightly Review in 1900 with a review of Henrik Ibsen’s “When We Dead Awaken.”

4. After having this first piece published James wrote several articles and at least two plays with many of his friends appearing as characters in his work.

5. In 1902 James went to Paris to study medicine, unfortunately the technical lectures in french were too difficult to understand so he abandoned his studies.

6. Later that year after the diagnosis and then the death of his mother on 13th August 1902 James returned home. Whilst there he managed to scrape a living reviewing books, teaching and singing. James was an accomplished tenor, even winning a bronze medal in 1904 feis Ceoil.

7. In 1904 James and Nora Barnacle moved to Trieste, with a friends help James managed to obtain a teaching post.

8. In 1915 two influential students managed to get James an exit permit for WWI he moved to Zürich where circumstances brought James to the attention of Harriet Shaw Weaver. Harriet would become James patron over the next twenty-five years giving him thousands of pounds.  The financial help from Harriet would enable James to quit teaching and concentrate on writing.

9. In 1920 James went to visit Ezra Pound in Paris for a weeks holiday, it must have been a good holiday because he ended up living there for the next twenty years!

10. On 11th January 1941 having fled France’s Nazi occupation James underwent surgery in Zürich for a perforated ulcer. At first James improved, unfortunately he relapsed the following day and despite several transfusions James fell into a coma only waking briefly at 2am on 13th January 1941 to ask for his wife. James lost consciousness and died just fifteen minutes later whilst his wife and son were still on their way.

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