Where Was it? What Was it Called?

I did have a very different post in mind for today, but before writing my post I had a job to do. I wanted to find a particular writing magazine with a particular article in it.

I can’t remember whether the article was in Writing Magazine or Writers Forum (and I’ve had both delivered for a number of year) and to be honest I can’t remember what the article was called….just that it’s in one of them and what it was vaguely about.

I have to say despite looking through or maybe that should be wading through tuns of articles I haven’t found the one I was looking for. I did find lots other interesting articles to reread though, which might be another reason why it took so long! 🙂

It did get me thinking though, there must be a better way of logging all the magazine articles to make the hunting process easier. I mentally ran through some of them in my head, a spread sheet, photo copying the front cover and filing it but to be honest none of the ideas I’ve come up with so far have been great .

So for now I’m sticking with the trusty old “put them in a nice neat pile,” filing system. How do you keep yours?

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