Kindness Of A Stranger…

Both the children have been off today due to the teacher’s strike action. I have to say ever since I was told about it last week I’ve been really looking forward to it a lovely day off with both of my darling children……

Well both children woke up with “it on em” cue a long sigh from me, so after lunch we decided to rescue the day with a bit of outside time. After getting all hot and sweaty me and my youngest decided we needed a wash which ended up with us doing a face pack.

We were just about done, you know, very green and a bit flaky when there was a knock on the door. A relative knowing we were off today decided to pop by! The back door was open and there was nowhere to hide we quickly beat a hasty retreat ignoring the giggles and rinsed ourselves off.

When I came down looking slightly less green we had a lovely catch up over a nice cup of tea, they also came baring a gift from a friend of theres who I’ve never met. It’s a lovely green aventurine pendent, so if you’re reading this a big thank you from me, I love it. 😀

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