Getting A Bit Familiar

It was my birthday last week and Mr A got me a shiny new modern mobile phone, my old one was a simple text and phone only mobile, so having one that seems like a mini tablet is a bit novel.

As well the new phone me and my Mum took a trip round the D H Lawrence birth place museum. It was fabulous, the tour guide told us all about the shock David’s middle class mother had when she married David’s coal miner Dad. It may have been a shock for her at first but she certainly was a strong character!

One story that made me laugh was about David’s mother Lydia. Lydia knew the local vicar really well, he was one of the few people allowed to come into the parlour once a week for tea and cake. After he had been coming a little while he got a bit too familiar.

One evening he was holding one of Lydia’s children and chatting to her whilst she cooked in the kitchen when Mr Lawrence came home. He was not pleased to say the least to find the vicar looking so cosy in his house, both the vicar and Lydia were highly embarrassed, the vicar quickly made his excuses and left and Lydia got a good talking to about being so familiar!

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