Did You Know…

Did you know…

1. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on 21st July 1899 to Clarence Edmonds Hemingway and Grace Hall-Hemingway.

2. In 1916 Ernest starting writing for his school’s newspaper and yearbook, he imitated the language of sports writers and used the pseudonym Ring Lardner Jr.

3. After leaving school Ernest became a journalist working for The Kansas City Star for six month. Ernest used The Kansas City Star’s writing guides as a foundation for his work, Use short sentences. Use short first paragraphs. Use vigorous english. Be positive not negative.

4. After returning from Italy after WWI Ernest took a job as a freelancer, staff writer and foreign correspondent at the Toronto Star.

5. After marrying his first wife Elizabeth Hadley Richardson in 1921 the pair moved to Paris where Ernest continued to work as a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star. It was whilst living in Paris that Ernest met writers Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Ezra Pound and Ford Madox Ford.

6. Ernest’s first book was published in 1923 “Three Stories and Ten Poems.” Later After meeting F Scott Fitzgerald and reading his newly published book, The Great Gatsby, Ernest decided his next work had to be a novel this would be published in 1926, called The Sun Also Rises.

7. In 1941 Ernest was recruited by Soviet Intelligence Agents to be a spy his nickname was Argo. However Ernest failed to give them any political information.

8. Ernest got into trouble whilst serving as a war correspondent in WWII “playing infantry captain,” he later claimed that he “beat the rap” by saying he was only offering advise.

9. After WWII the FBI opened a file on Ernest and placed him under surveillance. Unfortunately Ernest’s physician thought he was paranoid when he talked about the FBI spying on him, Ernest ended up being treated with electro shock therapy as many as fifteen times.

10. On 02nd July 1961 Ernest committed suicide by shooting himself with his favorite shot-gun.

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