Writing Or Outing?

You know those days when you need/want to write but are desperate to get out and about, well here are five tips to help you make both happen;

1. Join a writing course, not only will you learn more about the craft you’ll also get to meet like-minded people. If you’re lucky there might even be drinks down the pub afterwards to refresh after all that hard writing.

2. Go on a coach trip or jump on a train, promise yourself you’ll write on the journey there and back.

3. Don’t want to go so far? Head to a well-known cafe/restaurant enjoy the people watching and write whilst you wait for you meal.

4. Get out on the bike or go for a run or a hike take a picnic and your writing stuff with you. Even better ask a writing, artist or photographer friend to accompany you.

5. Join a writing group or start your own if there aren’t any local one’s near you, it doesn’t have to be in your house, it could be held at the local library, pub or cafe.

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