Did You Know…..

Did you know…

1. David Herbert Lawrence (D H Lawrence) was born in Eastwood, England on 11th September 1885. He was the fourth child of Arthur John Lawrence and Lydia (née Beardsall)

2. David attended Beauvale Board School he was the first in the schools history to win a scholarship to Nottingham High School.

3. In 1901 after leaving the High School David worked for three months as a Junior Clerk at Haywood’s Surgical appliance factory the sudden death of his older brother brought on a bout of pneumonia forcing him to leave his job.

4. It was whilst working as a pupil teacher for a school in Eastwood in 1902 that David started writing poems and short stories, he also started drafting a novel which he called Laetitia but would be later published as The White Peacock.

5. In 1907 David won a short story competition in the Nottingham Guardian his first taste of wider recognition.

6. It was a chain of events that lead to David’s first novel, The White Peacock being published; A friend, Jessie Chambers submitted some of David’s earlier work, thankfully it came to the notice of Ford Hermann Hueffer the Editor of The English Review where it was published and then noticed by London Publisher, Heinemann!

7. In 1912 David fell in love with Frieda Von Richthofen his old professor’s wife the pair ran off to Germany and later married on 13th July 1914.

8. David and his wife later moved back to England and settled in Cornwall, unfortunately the local government considered the presence of a controversial writer and a German woman so close to the coast of England to be a wartime security threat. The pair were banned from Cornwall in 1917 they spent the next two years moving amongst the homes of friends.

9. As well as poems, short stories and novels D H Lawrence is widely known as one of the finest travel writers in the English language.

10. David died on the 2nd March 1930 in Vence France from complications of tuberculosis.

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