Just For Fun :-)

Golden writing opportunities disguised as grey clouds.

Think your having a bad day? Try and turn it round by turning it into a writing opportunity;

1. Power cut? Rejoice 🙂 grab a torch and enjoy being able to do nothing else but write.
2. Bus journey? Train delays? Find a cosy corner and settle down.
3. Take the opportunity with long dentist/doctor waits to write a few lines.
4. Pulled a muscle or slipped a disc? Enjoy the legitimate excuse to treat yourself to a bit of writing time.
5. Child of sick? Settle down on the settee with a nice afternoon film, the duvet and a writing pad.
6. Traffic jams every morning and evening and you’re driving? See if they have your favourite book on CD and save it for those moment.
7. Well and truly put your foot in it? Write it up in an ideas book and console your self with the thought that at least you’ll be able to get a good story out of it! Then take your mind of it with a good book or a bit of writing time.

Think of any more let me know! 🙂

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