Time To Review?

I think Easter’s a good time to look at how the yearly goals are going. It’s a quarter way through the year and a lot of things might have happened since the goals were made in January.

One thing I’ve noticed is that my writing time seems to have got fuller and fuller of non writing related things. I  had realised the odd thing had crept in, but when I sat down and looked I realised why it felt like I was always having to squeeze my writing time in.

So what have I done? Over the last few days I’ve taken a good look at things and devised a new timetable. Every thing seems much clearer now and I’ve even managed to carve my usual writing time back into my timetable, hurrah. 🙂

Why don’t you take a look at your goals and see if anything needs changing?


One thought on “Time To Review?

  1. Hi Mrs Teapot, glad your writing time is taking priority where you need it. I’m happy with stories being published on Alfie Dog, and Creative Frontiers. Though I would always like an advance on my novel:) Which reminds me, better keep at it.

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