Shall I Apologise Now?

Let me apologise now.

Whilst talking to my eldest today an idea for a poem came to me. I have to say, me getting an idea for any kind of poem is unheard of because as you’ll probably be able to tell, I don’t write poetry.

So if the following poem is a ghastly pain on the eyes, ears and senses and full of poetry no nos, I’m very sorry, but here it is anyway;


My DS is straight and flat
It comes in different colours but mine is black.
Mario Car, Donkey Kong,
I love my DS but somethings wrong,
The screen is black, all life is gone
Somehow it just won’t turn on.
Begging, pressing, charging, guessing,
I’ve tried them all but somethings missing.
Mum is grinning and now I’m suspicious,
All she’s doing is washing dishes…

By Anne Allen


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