Are You Springing Forwards With Your Goals?

It’s the first day of spring today, doesn’t it sound nice to no longer be in the deep dark depths of winter. 🙂

Three months have nearly passed since I first made my new year goals and I’m please to be able to say that so far I’m exactly where I wanted to be.

I read a book last year in which the author had the theory that it was better to e-publish two books or even three at a time. The theory being that if a reader likes what they’ve read in book one, they don’t have to wait months and possibly forget about you before book two comes out.

I don’t know if the theory works or not but I decided it couldn’t do any harm, so I waited until I had two manuscripts ready before I started editing. I now feel like I’ve been editing forever! I’m excited to be able to say I’ve nearly finished editing them both.

One of my other goals was to breathe some life into my dinning chairs, well we’ve started! This week one of the chairs has been sanded with the other three closely following suit.

How are your new year goals shaping up?

2 thoughts on “Are You Springing Forwards With Your Goals?

  1. Looking forward to reading those. I’m working on the novel. Must get it finished and polished before sending out. I made that mistake once. Sent out the first three chapters, then they asked for the whole manuscript…. eeekkk…. won’t get caught out like that again. Happy Springtime, off to the garden now..

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