Give It Up….Or Not

So did you decide to give anything up for Lent?

My children were asked by school to write down what they were going to give up for lent.

My youngest decided to give up breakfast for forty days and forty nights! We’ve negotiated and she’s now decided to give it up for one day, Saturday, I feel a mid morning snack coming on. My eldest has decided to give up tickling my youngest, I can’t tell you how nice that’ll be. 🙂

Me I’m not giving anything up, instead I’ve decided to take something up, reading.

I love reading, however recently I’ve been devoting every spare moment I get to either writing or editing. I’ve now started to develop a lovely pile of unread books, all thanks to my compulsion to buy any book that catches my eye. Don’t you just love having a pile of unread books waiting for you? Hopefully I’ll be able to get down to reading some of them this month.

How about you? Are you doing anything for lent?

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