March’s Giggle Blog

Time for a giggle;

I opened the conservatory door really early one February morning to let Izzy out, when I tried to lock the door behind her the lock had frozen.

I didn’t panic because this had happened a week ago, so like before I reached for the antifreeze. Unfortunately this time it didn’t work by the time I managed to unfreeze the lock I was late, stressed and puzzled, the anti freeze had worked so well last time.

It wasn’t until I came home later and tidied the can of antifreeze away that I realised, I’d actually been spraying a can of bug spray!

Mr A couldn’t quite work out why I was laughing so hard at a can of insect spray. 🙂

4 thoughts on “March’s Giggle Blog

  1. That’s funny. Bet the lock was totally bug free though busy tea pot:))) I went for a job interview yesterday. I thought my hairspray smelled nicer than usual. I was putting deodorant in my hair!! Aren’t we a pair? Glad you’re a giggler. xx

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