Did You Know…

Did you know..

1. Jules Verne is considered to be the father of science fiction.

2. Jules Gabriel Verne was born on the 8th February 1828 to Pierre Verne and Sophie Allote de la Fuye. Jules was the eldest out of four other sibling one brother and three sisters.

3. As the first-born son it was taken for granted that Jules would follow in his fathers footsteps and become a lawyer. In 1847 he was sent to Paris by his Father to study Law.

4. Jules started writing in his teens and loved it. In 1852 in a desperate bid to get Jules to abandon his writing, his Father offered him his own Nantes Law practice. Jules refused. “Am I not right to follow my own instincts? it’s because I know who I am that I realize what I can be one day.”

5. Jules Verne wrote a wide variety of things including plays, operas, articles, short stories, poems, novellas and novels!

6. Jules loved research spending lots of his time in the bibliotheque nationale de france. He wrote his findings on note cards, a system he would use most of his life.

7. In 1856 Jules met his wife, Honorine de Viane Morel a widow of twenty-six with two children. They met whilst Jules was best man at his friend’s wedding. Wanting to court Honorine, the brides sister Jules jumped at the chance of a secure income and went into business with a brokerage, an offer made by Honorine’s brother.

8. Now that he was working at the Bourse, Jules made sure he woke up early so that he would have time to write before work.

9. He wrote more than seventy books inventing submarines, space travel, terrestrial flight, sky scrapers, deep-sea exploration and high-speed trains years before their time, wow!

10. Jules Verne died at home in 1905 whilst ill with diabetes.

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