Next Time I’ll Do It Straight Away…

I’m in the process of trying to remember something. What? I’m not sure. I remember thinking it was useful, funny and that I should definitely write it down.

Did I?

No, I think I must have scheduled it for an “I’ll do that later” and promptly forgot. Unfortunately the time has come to use the great idea. There’s a definite lesson there.

Ok here’s a question for you.

When is procrastination, procrastination and when is it learning the craft? Does it count as procrastination if your reading about writing?

Hopefully not, as this week I’ve ended up with an enormous stack of back issue writing magazines. After reading a great article in this months Writers’ Forum I decided to hunt out the previous articles in the series. The result is I now have a lovely pile of reading material waiting for me. I’ve a feeling that I’m going to have a very busyteapot. (Sorry couldn’t help it.)

One thought on “Next Time I’ll Do It Straight Away…

  1. Oh, I’ve done that before – not writing something down! I’m an expert at procrastination, Anne, and I don’t regard writing magazines as such. I always learn something or get inspired.

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