Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?


Are you a glass is half full or a half empty person?

I grew up in a glass is half empty family, bad weather, room or sickness on the family holiday, what did we expect? It was a “T” family holiday, things like that always happened. Rolled down a grass bank and in to the biggest, sloppiest pile of dog poo, typical, should have known, (this did actually happen can I tell you, ugh, enough said!)

So I suppose it’s no surprise that I am a recovery glass is half empty person. For a while now I’ve been working on switching the way I think. I’ve found changing my outlook has really given my whole life a really big boost, including my writing life.

Those rejections seem less fatal, more of a necessary path to travel before reaching the much wanted goal. You know that disappointed feeling that follows when you reach the end of the week and realise you’ve not written as much as you’d have liked? Somehow it’s changed, I’m pleased with what I’ve written. Suddenly I’ve found more’s getting written, more’s getting sent out and I’m pleased with myself.

Why don’t you try it if you’re a glass is half empty person?

The changes don’t have to be big or radical, no one even needs to know.

Try starting small;

  • Write down some positive affirmations, keep them on your phone, in the car and even by the kettle, say them as many times a day as you can.
  • Start a diary, write down three things each night that have made you happy. It can be something as simple as being happy to go to bed, I know I’ve written that one down!
  • When you find yourself saying something negative or thinking negative thoughts shut them out and replace them with positive ones. It’s hard at first but soon it becomes second nature.
  • Do something for someone else. Even the smallest thing can make a difference, like making a cup of tea or letting an elderly person or a busy parent with their hands full go in front of you at the checkout. It’ll be appreciated believe me.
  • Enjoy right now, try to stop your mind dwelling more than is necessary on past or future events, this is easier said than done I know.

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