Ehmm Excuse Me Darling…It’s Valentine’s Day On Friday

To be honest if you’re anything like me and Mr A we don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. However if you’re wanting to drop a few handy hints to a loved one here are a few suggestions to be left (accidentally of course) on their computer screen;

  • A beautifully boxed, gift wrapped pen.
  • A notepad, nothing can beat a lovely, new, crisp notepad.
  • A first edition if your feeling flush by their favorite author.
  • A book, chocolate and a bottle of wine or a cup of tea, hmm perfect. If you don’t know which book they’d like a voucher is also lovely, what could be more perfect than a few hours spent wandering round a book shop.
  • A magazine subscription, it’s lovely knowing your magazine is on its way every month.
  • Time, just a few hours, a day or even a whole weekend uninterrupted. Time given just to write is a great gift, it’s very rare, extremely precious and always much wanted.

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