It’s A Hard Job….

I had such a fabulous writing month in January that I’d somehow expected it to roll on into February. Unfortunately it hasn’t as this week’s been super busy.

Although it’s been a frustrating week, as I haven’t got as much done as I’d like, it’s also been an interesting one. I joined a panel of food testers on Wednesday, it was really fascinating to meet all the different people who turned up and thankfully the food we were testing wasn’t too outlandish. I have to say it was a really hard job testing the gateaux but someone had to do it! 🙂

Next week I’m hoping to start editing a different manuscript, after swapping and changing my first book about I’ve finally finished it and I’m really pleased with the results. I usually like to sit on manuscripts before doing anything with it them so I’ve now put it away for a few weeks.

I’d also like to finish reading my book this week, I’ve been reading it for a while and it’s a good one if only I could get stuck into it long enough.

So they’re my plans for next week, what are your plans?

2 thoughts on “It’s A Hard Job….

  1. Hello busy teapot. I’m hoping to work, no going to work on my novel, editing. I’m reading bad moon rising by Frances di Plino, and Dodger by Terry Pratchett, and The curious curate by M.c. Beaton. along with People’s Friend, and Woman’s weekly of course. Phew, I’ve made myself tired, where’s your tea pot, time for a cuppa I think.

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