I’m Taking The Bull By The Horns


Hows your week gone?

On the writing front I’m pretty pleased with myself this week, I’ve managed to write everyday except Sunday. Sunday always seems to turn into a horrendously busy day for some reason.

I also had a revelation this week or admitted to myself that I have a fear of failing which usually accumulates in procrastination. Now I’ve confessed this to myself I’m determined to prove myself wrong and achieve every one of my goals this year. And if I do fail? We all fail sometimes, the important thing is not to give up. I’ll treat myself to tea and cake and then carry on.

On the home front, the car radiator looks like it might have a leak 😦 and I’ve put my lower back out packing the swimming bags! I’d love to know how that happens last time I put my back out all I’d been doing was washing my hair.

My youngest has had bigger and better things on her mind however, Miss A asked me at the start of the week if I would mind making her a count down calendar. She’s now excitedly counting down the days until her birthday in mid February.

My eldest not to be left out has asked if he could have a pair of Heelys roller shoes for his birthday, hmmmm. Heelys, just incase you were wondering are trainers with two wheels in the heel so you can choose, somehow, to either walk or skate.  I’ll have to think about that one.

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