The Sky’s The Limit

I’ve thought long and hard about this years goals. I love setting goals especially at the start of a New Year, anything is possible if you’re determined to work hard and persevere. So with that in mind here are this years goals;

1.Finish my new project, a novel for adults. This is my main goal, there will be other little project too but this is my main one.

2. Tidy up some loose ends from last year is my second goal. I had hoped my children’s books aimed at children aged eight plus would be out last month, unfortunately life had other plans!! So get it out there is my second goal.

3. I’d love to start a second blog/website for my children’s books.  I’m not sure if I can pull this one-off, as many of you know I’m not very technical, but my Sunday quotes have said to aim high…

4. Quotes don’t you just love them? I do, I especially love the wooden wall plaques you often find in shops these days with quotes on. So this year I thought I might have a go at creating some of my own I’ll let you know how I get on.

5. I have some dining chairs which are crying out for me to go all Kirstie Allsopp on them. Hopefully by stripping them back and (with a bit of luck) reupholstering them they’ll have new life breathed into them. Well that’s the plan anyway. If all else fails there’s a furniture shop down the road. 🙂

Have you made any goals this year?

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