Did You Know….

The Author of "A Visit from St. Nicholas&...

Feeling festive yet? How about listening to the fabulously festive poem, Twas The Night Before Christmas?

Did you know it was written by Clement Clarke Moore?

1. Clement was an only child born on the 15th July 1779 to Bishop Benjamin Moore and Charity Clarke.

2. Clement Clarke Moore was proficient in French, Latin, Italian, Hebrew and Greek. He also played the organ and the violin.

3. Clement Clarke Moore’s family owned the Chelsea Estate on the west side of Manhattan. Clement fought against development but eventually he had to give in dividing it up himself and selling it. The Manhattan neighborhood which eventually emerged from Clement Clarke Moore’s Estate is still called Chelsea today.

4. Clement Clarke Moore was an American Professor of Oriental and Greek literature, as well as Divinity and Biblical learning, at the General Theological Seminary.

5. Clement donated land from his family estate to the Episcopal Diocese of New York for the site of the General Theological Seminary. Clement also helped set up a church, St Luke’s in the Fields on Hudson Street.

6. In his life Clement wrote a political pamphlet, a text-book and poetry. He also compiled a Hebrew and English Lexicon and other works.

7. In 1813 Clement married Catharine Elizabeth Taylor.

8. Clement originally wrote the poem, A Visit From St Nicholas, which later became known as Twas The Night Before Christmas for his children.

9. Clement Clarke Moore died on 10th July 1863 whilst visiting his daughter at Newport, Rhode Island.

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