Just Can’t Get Enough, Just Can’t Get Enough…..

Lost in a Good Book

Lost in a Good Book (Photo credit: [Duncan])

Do you find when you start reading a new book you just can’t put it down? I do.

I’ve had very well done dinners, stopped up until four in the morning and even sat reading at the dinner table on the understanding that the harder, uncushioned chairs would make me so uncomfortable I’d stop reading and go to bed at a decent hour. Let me tell you it didn’t work.

If I remember rightly that night I ended up going to bed at about one thirty, I suppose it was an improvement on four thirty but still.

To combat my obsession with just having to know what happens I’ve started the horrible habit of reading ahead just a little bit.  Only this time I’ve prescanned before even starting the book and I’ve found out a plot twist so ugh that I can’t bring myself to read the book at all now!

What was the twist?

The hero dies, I know I only have myself to blame. My Mum who’s read the book first assures me that despite the ending the book is a really good one and well worth a read.

Do you have obsessive compulsive reading problems like me?

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