A Case Of After The Horse Has Bolted

Running Horse


I’m about ready for a new laptop my old Viao having been used and abused, literally.

The poor things been dropped off a table, (not by me) damaging the charging inlet. If the cable’s not in exactly the right place, is breathed on or even looked at it won’t charge, and if you don’t notice in time, that lovely lot of words written down in the last hour, gone. Leaving you in a heap weeping in despair.

It’s also had a chip taken out of a sound thingy (Mr A’s doing) and its ehhmm had a power pack dropped on it by erm, me, permanently pulling off the W key.

I swear laptops are actually safe in this house, I think the Viao must have been cursed before it came to us!

I’ve started using the laptop my eldest got for his birthday this year, I have to say windows eight is taking a lot of getting used too. As of yet I haven’t done any actual writing on this laptop yet preferring a historic, trusty but very slow Compaq. The slowness of the Compaq is actually the reason I bought the Viao in the first place!

I’ve started testing out my eldest laptop by designing my e-book cover on publisher, I’m really quite pleased with the progress on it so far, or at least I was…….

I came down the other morning to the words;

“We’ve refreshed the laptop Mummy back to the original factory settings,”

“Oh have you is my book cover still ok?”


Memory stick, memory stick, memory stick, well there’s a lesson I’ll not forget and yes I have started using a memory stick now. It’s a case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

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