Realising A Goal

As You know from my post, The Year So Far on the 24th October 13 I was starting gather the ingredients needed to finally have ago at making some homemade soap. Well I’ve finally done it!!!

I have to say that for a couple of days after making the soap I was ridiculously please a) with myself for having ago and b) with the whole making process, it was so much fun.

I followed a recipe that included making your own lye out of caustic soda, dividing the plain soap mixture into three and then adding the different scents. The ones I made were cinnamon and Orange, Lime and Parsley and Lemongrass, oatmeal and Honey. They smell divine. 🙂

The Lime and the Lemongrass soap is a bit softer than I would like, but then as I’ve never made it before perhaps it will firm up during the six-week curing process, I’ll let you know. The Cinnamon and Orange however already seems very soap like and I can’t wait until the six weeks are up to try it out.

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