Got It Covered

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I’ve been thinking recently about the book cover for my e-book.

I’ve had lots of different ideas on the subject including one that remembered reading an article in one of the Writing Magazines I receive. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember whether it was in Writer’s Forum or Writing Magazine or even which issue, so I decided to hunt for it.

It sounds simple enough, but as I’ve been receiving both magazine for quite a few years now and lovingly kept each and every issue but not in any specific order it was no mean feat. I think a filing system is in order or at least some box files to keep them in the right year groups.

I did eventually find the Magazine in question it was near the bottom of the last pile! I was starting to think I’d imagined reading about

The side effect of searching though so many Writing Magazines is that I found so many interesting articles in the back issues I ended up bringing eight extra magazines down with the one I actually wanted. 🙂

I’m not sure if I’ll use createspace yet or try one of my other ideas I’ll let you know. What have you used for your covers?

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