On The Horizon


I was informed this morning by my eldest that there are only sixty-eight days until christmas.

Sorry to mention the C word when it is only October, personally I’ve been getting regular updates ever since the Christmas clock http://www.xmasclock.com/ was discovered two weeks ago. My youngest on the other hand has another pressing question “exactly which day can we get my advent calendar Mummy?”

Before the opening of any advent calendars or christmas presents there’s NANOWRIMO on the horizon. Now if you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago even one week ago I would have told you that, no, I’ ve decided not to take part this year.

Now that the date is looming nearer and NANO emails are starting to appear, I think I’ve had a change of heart, I’m beginning to think, why not.

So I’m off to sign up to NANO, how about you? Are you taking part this year?

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