Something In The Air

Autumn in New York

Change is in the air, it must be  the time of year that’s making us feel restless, have you felt it too? I know a lot of people have felt the urge to change something, be it their hair, a room, a job or maybe just a routine.

Last week I swapped two of our rooms about, one worked and the other had to be put back, unfortunately it was all down to my dodgy measuring so I only had myself to blame!

I’ve been trying a change in routine this week, as some of you may know by now I do love a good list to work though! Instead of the usual daily to do list, this week I’ve been trying a weekly list instead.

Sunday night saw me writing myself a reasonable list of things I wanted/needed to do this week. So far it’s been working out quite well, I’ve even managed to clear out a long forgotten cupboard.

Will it be the start of a new successful routine or just a new way of procrastinating? To be honest I’m not quite sure yet, the early results are promising but the jury is still out. 🙂 I’ll let you know.

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