Books Are My Bag

I love going to the bookshop, I must confess as a non driver I do order some books off Amazon. It’s handy, quick and sometimes cheaper, not to mention I haven’t got two children wanting Mummy to hurry up.

However the feeling you get when you press purchase on the laptop, or when you finally hear the plop on the door mat step several days later is nothing compared to the wonderful feeling of leaving the bookshop with a book in your bag.

Usually I’ve spent a good hour, if Mr A has allowed me in the bookshop unaccompanied just wandering around, looking, reading and choosing, when I’ve finally made my choice and I’ve paid it feels like I’ve got something special, it feels like a treat.

So I was really pleased to hear about the Books Are My Bag campaign, it’s been running since the 14th September 2013, I can’t believe I haven’t heard about it until now!  Now that I have I plan to pop out and get my Books Are My Bag tote to show my support, have you got yours yet?

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