Shall I Stick With Trusty Old Word?

What do you usually write on?

I usually write straight onto word occasionally switching to a notepad depending where I am, I always type up what I’ve written though before carrying on with the story.

With my new project though I’ve decided to write the whole in a notepad first and type it up during the first draft, providing I can still read my handwriting after all that time of course. I’m going to have to make sure my writing doesn’t get too scrawly!

I’m quite looking forward to writing into a notepad, they’re so much more portable than laptops and less noticeable.

I’ve got to confess although I’ve often seen people tapping away into a laptop, I haven’t yet plucked up the courage to take mine out and about. Which is why I usually resort to writing in a notepad. I’m hoping the words will still flow when my fingers are clutching a pen instead of moving swiftly over a keyboard.

I was having a sort out at the weekend when I came across the software for New Novelist, version 2.0, I must have bought years ago and never actually got round to using it. I’d love to hear from anyone who has actually used it to see if it would be worth switching from trusty old word!

4 thoughts on “Shall I Stick With Trusty Old Word?

  1. I write straight onto my laptop (hooked up with a full size keyboard and monitor when I’m at home) except for the occasional scribbled note when I don’t have it with me. Poor handwriting is one reason.

  2. Any piece of paper I can put my hands on will work when a thought comes into my head. I’ve even written in the margins and on the back of concert programs when nothing else is available. I must say though, sometimes the writing is a little hard to decipher when I finally get to my computer to lay it all out on Word – which is what I always use. 🙂

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