And The Grand Finale Is……

English: A modern Greggs the Bakery store front.

The week has been one of those weeks ending with the grand finale of a one hundred and seventy pound vet bill. I’m please to be able to report that all animals are absolutely fine, it did take a trip to Gregg’s and a cup of tea to get over the price though.

If you ask me this week has been awful, but according to Rhonda Byrnes’ in her Daily Teachings book The Secret, this week has actually been good for me.


In Rhonda Byrnes’ book she says that It’s the negative things in life that give us the will to get on and get going.

Which means the vet bill wasn’t a good reason to flee to Gregg’s in search of a spiky Mikey Star biscuit, but actually a big kick up the behind that’s going to set my keyboard on fire.

So next time your car won’t start, you lose your keys or your bus is late, remember it’ll be worth it in the end!

How’s your week gone?

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