The Art Of Procrastination


“The art of procrastination” is there a book out on it? If not maybe I should corner the market, because this last week and a half I think I’ve become a specialist.

I’ve been really pleased with myself, I drew myself a timetable at the beginning of the month and I’ve stuck to it. So why hasn’t my new project moved forward at all? Because all this time it occurs to me I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve sat down at the allotted time, and I’ve read, researched and wandered over to my other project and pottered about.

When what I really wanted to be doing is putting the plot bones down, so why haven’t I? Well, I feel a little nervous, it seems silly after all the years I’ve been writing and all the stories that I’ve started.

But this story’s been buzzing about my head for years and so have the characters and a few weeks ago I made the decision to write their story and I want to get it right.

I know the main characters almost as well as my own family and friends, at the beginning of last week I even caught myself saying my heroine name instead of one of my friends when talking to her on the phone! Tell me I’m not the only one to have done that. 🙂

So I’m going to start tomorrow now that I’ve realised what I’ve been doing, I’m not going to read or research, I’m going to write a synopsis so that I don’t wander when I do start their story.

Have you ever realised that you’ve been unwittingly procrastinating?

6 thoughts on “The Art Of Procrastination

  1. Can we co write the procrastination book? I’m pretty much of an expert on the subject. We could spend the first day (or at least the bit between tea breaks )planning which font to use. Well, maybe we’d have to put that back to the second day as we’ll need to go shopping first for all the tea and cakes we’d need. Actually we’ll need a strategy meeting first…

  2. I also procrastinate far too much but I don’t get bogged down in research for that very reason! Once I start a book, I fill in the gaps as and when needed. But getting to the computer is the main problem!

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