Don’t You Just Love Technology?

USB Memory Stick

A lovely person donated a memory stick to me not long ago and I’ve got to confess, I’ve never used one before, but it can’t be that hard to use can it…

Well today I had the task of writing a few letters and posters for a local association. It’s not a hard or a long job as I have both saved as templates, just a few names, dates and pictures needed changing, no problem.

Except there is a problem the templates are on my old snail-like laptop which I abandoned long ago in favor of Mr A’s super-duper laptop.

Lets just say after trying for far too long to save the templates on to the memory stick I decided to email them to myself. I copied and paste them onto a new document on Mr A’s laptop and all was right with the world again, phew.

This time tomorrow however I should be a savvy memory stick user as the person who donated it has offered to give me a demonstration! 🙂

Anyone else find technology difficult?

3 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Love Technology?

  1. I do. I do. I do! I’m learning, because writers are required to learn technology. But I’d rather just write with a pen on paper. I learned word processing, and that’s cool. But there’s always a million more things to learn, both in writing and in technology.

    But then, learning keeps the mind growing, so I’m trying to be mindful that it’s a blessing to be able to learn. Right?

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