Don’t Look At Me…I Didn’t Say Nothing

Portrait of a male tabby cat

I’ve decided to break my own golden rule and do two projects at the same time.

I know a lot of writers already do this, but to be honest I’m really looking forward to it. Usually I don’t even plan a new project until I’ve completely finished the one in hand, the most I ever do is write plot ideas down so that they’re not forgotten.

The both projects are as different from each other as can be so getting mixed up with the plot and characters definitely won’t be a problem. I think it may call for a new set of notebooks though 🙂 just to make sure nothing gets mixed up you understand, nothing at all to do with my notebook obsession.

I’d love to hear about your experiences of running more than one writing project.

On a different note, the children’s first day at school went well. I believe they must have signed the usual non-disclosure agreement, as I got the routine answer from my children when I asked what they had been doing today “ehmmm I can’t remember already Mummy,” was one reply and “I forgot,” was the other one.

Never mind I’m sure the details will be drip fed to me one way or another, anyone else suspect that non-disclosure agreement are handed out with the morning milk?

3 thoughts on “Don’t Look At Me…I Didn’t Say Nothing

  1. I’m thinking about two projects but attempting only one – finishing the sequel to ‘Crossing The Line’. Then I want to start the process of publishing my mothers letters of our homesteading adventures in Alaska in the late 5o’s and 60’s. I’m afraid if I start on it before I finish ‘What Line’, that will be all I want to work on!

  2. I always have more than one project on the go at the same time! It does help when bored/stuck with one to focus on the other – usually didn’t genres or types of writing. Glad the back to school went well.

  3. I always have more than one project running at the same time (although I have to keep tight control on how many)
    I plan in advance how far I will take each one before switching from one to another. They’re usually completely different genres, so I don’t get confused.
    I do colour code my projects, though (on my computer, and in physical box files and folders) so there is no chance of my getting confused. Did I really say that?
    And re that back to school thing – don’t give up on the debriefing attempts, they’re sure to relent…eventually. Rx

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