So How Were Yours?

Mystery Bike

So how were the school holidays for you? Did you get to do everything you hoped you would?  Stumble upon any fabulous story ideas whilst entertaining children?

Well we haven’t been away these school holidays, but one of the great things we have achieved is teaching both children how to ride a two-wheel bike.

There have been one or two falls, a crushed brake cable not to mention several punctures. So many punctures in fact I can now add, learnt how to mend a puncture to my list of six week holiday achievements! Every cloud has a silver lining and all that…

One of the things we didn’t manage to get round to is creating a holiday scrap-book, letting the children loose with a disposable camera, pens and crayons and recording the holidays. I love the idea so hopefully we’ll manage to do it for the next set of holidays.

On the writing front, although with the children off I haven’t managed to do a great deal of writing, I have had an exciting idea brewing for the last three weeks. and I can’t wait to get it all down on paper. 🙂

How did your holidays go?

One thought on “So How Were Yours?

  1. Too fast! That’s how the holidays went! We had such fun on the days we had our grandkidlets, I’m so sad that it is over for another year. Well done for teaching two to ride a two-wheeler – and learning to mend a puncture (I remember it well from when mine were little – happy days) 🙂 x

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