Summer Reading Challenge

We don’t visit the library as often as I’d like so today we decided to pop to the local library and join the summer reading challenge.

Have your children joined the reading challenge yet? There’s still time if they want to join.

The theme this year is creepy house, all the children have to do is read six books each collecting goodies from the librarian as they finish the books. At the end of the challenge each child is given a medal and a certificate, which they all love.

It’s great as it keeps them reading though the holidays, me and my youngest have just finished one of the books we borrowed today, Erroll by Hannah Shaw, it’s a lovely story about a squirrel and a boy named Bob. My eldest is currently sitting in bed tucking in to a Dr Who book.

It was lovely pottering round the library today surrounded by so many books it felt like being in a sweet shop except all the sweets were free. I spotted at least four books that I wanted to borrow, I’ve promised myself that I’m going to visit more often and borrow all of the books that I spotted today.

How often do you get to visit your local library?

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