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Brontë (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is the birthday of Charlotte Bronte, to celebrate here are a few Bronte Family facts;

1. Patrick and Maria Bronte had six children,

Maria 23rd April 1814
Elizabeth 1815 the exact date of her birth is not known
Charlotte 21st April 1816
Patrick Branwell 26 June 1817
Emily 30th July 1818
Anne 17th Jan 1820

2. Maria and Elizabeth died of tuberculosis in 1825.

3. The sister’s brother Patrick Branwell Bronte was a painter, a writer as well as a poet. In 1840 he had several poems published in local newspapers under the pseudonym Northangerland. Unfortunately Patrick Branwell became addicted to alcohol and laudanum and died in 1848 of tuberculosis..

3. The Bronte sister’s Father Patrick Bronte was actually born Patrick Brunty or some people argue it may have been Prunty. Patrick however changed it to Bronte, although there are many theories it’s generally accepted that he changed his surname due to his admiration of Admiral Nelson who had recently become the Duke of Bronte.

4. The Bronte children were brought up by their Father Patrick Bronte and their Mother Maria Bronte until Maria’s death in 1821 when Anne was only a year old. Maria Bronte’s younger sister Elizabeth Branwell came and helped him bring up the children and was known as Aunt Branwell.

5. When they were young the Bronte children enjoyed writing and making up imaginary places like the African Kingdom of Glass Town, The Empire of Angria and Gondal. The stories were written as little matchbox size books and bound with thread.

6. All three sisters worked as either a teacher or a governess at one time.

7. In February of 1842 Charlotte and Emily lived and attended a boarding school in Brussels to improve their foreign language and prepare for the possibility of opening a school in the parsonage for young girls.

8. In October of 1842 Charlotte and Emily were asked to return home because of the death of their Aunt Branwell. Only Charlotte returned to Belgium in January 1843, however all children had returned home to Haworth by 1845.

9. The sisters self published a book of poetry in 1846 under the pseudonyms Currer, Ellis and Action Bell.

10. Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Anne’s Agnes Grey novels were the first Bronte novels to be accepted for publication. Charlotte’s first novel The Professor was rejected however Jane Eyre was accepted soon after.

11. Charlotte rejected Arthur Bell Nicholls offer of marriage before accepting and eventually marrying him on the 29th June 1854.

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