Discombobulated, isn’t it a fantastic sounding word! It’s not a word you hear very often, but recently I’ve read a couple of articles that used the word discombobulated.

To discombobulate or be discombobulated is to confuse or be confused and upset but where did the word come from?

Discombobulated is an American word that first appeared around 1834. There are some suggestions that it’s a funny alteration of the word discompose or discomfit. Another suggestion though is that the “bob” part of the word may have come from the word bobbery which means uproar or confusion.

What do you think, will “dazed and discombobulated” ever catch on as a logo on t-shirts instead of “dazed and confused?” Hmm, maybe not discombobulated probably wouldn’t fit on a t-shirt anyway.

What’s discombobulating you today? I’m currently being discombobulated by the tension on the sewing machine and children that don’t let you have prior warning about needing old-fashioned flat caps for school!

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