What’s All The Fuss About?

This post is more of a question post, joined up writing exactly what is all the fuss about?

Why am I thinking about joined up writing? Let me explain.

As it’s nearly the six weeks holidays my children came home waving the expected letter asking parents to go to a school meeting to meet next years teachers and to find out exactly what they might be getting up to in september. To be honest is actually quite nice to know as my children tend to  forget everything including what they had for lunch the second they see me.

So off I skipped to the meeting (ok slight exaggeration but you get the drift,) I sat in the new class room it’s lovely, lots of windows, bright and airy very nice even the teacher is lovely. This is going to be my youngest new class room in September as she starts year one, (first year infants).

My youngest loves any form of drawing and writing and often copies words out of a book just to practice. She has I think, nice handwriting for her age with her letters formed and printed correctly most of the time, I could be bias though. 🙂  I assumed that next year the new teacher would possibly do more writing focusing on neatening it up and correct forming of letters, ha no.

Imagine my surprise then when all of us unsuspecting parents were handed a sheet of paper full of letters with twiddles, flicks, loops and twirls on them and the teacher proudly informing us that by the end of year one most of the children should be joining up their handwriting.

With a little bit of curiosity and reasearch I have found out the supposed benefits of joined up writing;

1. It’s quicker

2. It helps with spellings

3. Helps flow of writing

I’m for anything that helps keep the flow of writing going, but does it really help that much? I can’t say I’ve suffered or missed out not joining up, forms all needs to be done in print style, but other than that it’s usually personal choice.

What do you think?


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