I’d Like You To Meet….

It’s summer fayre time again! This last week has been really hard work preparing the different stalls and making sure everything was ready but now it’s all over for another year and it’s been worth every minute of the sweat and hard work, everyone had a great time and lots of money has been raised for a good cause.

It’ll be nice to get back to normal again though I’ve hardly managed to look at any of my writing projects this last week and I can’t wait to get going again, maybe the break will have super charged my creative juices. 🙂

Also this week has seen the arrival of Bubbles and Goldie, when I said yes to my youngest request for a fish I didn’t actually realise that they needed filters and dechlorinator in their water. We had a goldfish when we were growing up in a simple tank of cold water, no fuss, no filter, no dechlorinator and she lasted for thirteen years!

But who am I to argue, the filter has been fitted, the water has been treated and Bubbles and Goldie are enjoying their lovely new tank.

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