Facinating Fact Anyone?

Well the cellars cleared, no I  didn’t see any spiders come out and hopefully none escaped into the house.  I’ve got a few fascinating facts for you today (well I thought they were fascinating),

1. Did you know William Shakespeare invented the word hurry.

2. Charles Dickens had to be facing north before he could write a word.

3. For the last twelve years of his life Casanova was a librarian.

4. For every eight letters you read one is the letter E!

5. The author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,  Lyman Frank Baum’s first book was all about raising chickens.

6. Apparently the average pencil can draw a line thirty-five miles long or about forty-five thousand words.

7. Incase you where wondering most ball point pens can draw a line four thousand to seven and a half thousand feet long.

One thought on “Facinating Fact Anyone?

  1. Wow, where do you find these things? They are all new to me and I love that Mr Dickens had to face north. And what would we say if we didn’t have hurry? I supposed we’d hasten everywhere, which doesn’t have the same ring 🙂 x

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